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Riba al-naqd [al-fadl] is, however, the selling of one maund [a unit of weight] of wheat, or anything similar to it, against two maunds. The last verse to be revelaed was on riba and the Prophet, peace be on him, was taken without explaining it to us; so give up not only riba but also ribah [whatever raises doubts in the mind about its rightfulness].

We were able to maintain the momentum of our new business acquisitions and registered strong growth in our SME portfolio. The resulting improvement in economic sentiments should boost credit uptake in Mawlana Abdul Rahim, vol.

Riba al-naqd [al-fadl] is, however, the selling of one maund [a unit of weight] of wheat, or anything similar to it, against two maunds.


Owing to its branch-led model and robust credit underwriting criteria the Bank has the lowest infection ratio amongst the top-tier banks, while at the same time maintaining a strong growth trajectory in advances. The policy rates were further curtailed to 5.

Statement under Clause 5. This will result in improving business processes in line with the global best practices, ensure controls, and achieve efficiency and adherence to regulations and policies. The idea is to provide guidance to farmers in adopting enhanced and efficient agricultural and business practices.

These ratings were assigned in Februaryand are based on the position at September Aazami graduated from Jamia Darul Uloom, Karachi. With improvements to the security and energy supply situation, the industrial sector saw healthy 13 growth of 6.

Economic Review The year witnessed impressive economic growth, with most macro-economic indicators following a favorable trajectory. Amidst this scenario, the Bank followed a focused approach on prudently managing its lending and investment strategy, with an objective of maximising shareholder returns.

On the asset quality front, non-performing loans for the sector reduced to PKR Additional support towards industrial sector growth has come from CPEC-related projects, which have created demand for construction and allied industries. This segment also benefits through special privileges on consumer finance products, in terms of exclusive payment flexibilities and preferential rates.

We believe that our workforce is energetic, focused and fully capable of developing, implementing and delivering on our vision, objectives and strategy.

As a result, we are optimistic about the future. Press Releases and Annual Reports quarterly, semi-annually and annually are disseminated timely to ensure shareholder engagement at all times. The rather benign credit environment that the banking industry enjoyed over the last few years will gradually recede away.

These initiatives would also help the Bank to meet the requirements of loss data reporting of the Regulator to be initiated after the end of 1st quarter We aim to conduct business by creating shared values for our customers, shareholders and communities, responsibly.

From Abu Said al-Khudri: FCY-Term Deposit Offers attractive investment options in foreign currency with tenures starting from 1 month up to 1 year.

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Accordingly, no dividend payout has been recommended for this year. Given below are some relevant excerpts from this book on the subject of riba.

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During the last quarter BAL kept its position as a major mortgage financier, in spite of aggressive competitive posturing by other major banks. With robust management of non-performing loans, NPL ratio further improved to 4.

The outlook for is largely positive, but with some significant sources of pressure. There are two types of car loans Go on booking, wait for 3 months Up ready markets comprehensive insurance policy Posted Cheque If the time period of a car is three years which means 12 x 3.

You can change remove your accounts except from your default account by following these steps: We will also focus on increasing the penetration of our advisory services and enhancing our outreach through our road shows and market storming activities. Core functional responsibilities of the ITSC are: It is the cornerstone of our business and brand.

Education is the only solution for the humanity to prosper. With an aim to help every child to get education, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has taken lead among all its competitors by providing education through free schooling and rehabilitation support to the poor and needy children.

INTERNSHIP REPORT ON BANK ALFALAH Made by: Bilal Yasir 1|P a ge Preface Internship is the one of the crucial part of the (hons) course and this provide the practical knowledge of what we have learnt so far in this program.

NIB Bank was a Pakistani bank which was based in Karachi, was formed in as a result of merger of IFIC Bank and the National Development Leasing Corporation (NDLC), and this newly formed entity was called the NDLC-IFIC Bank (NIB).

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Through this doorstep banking facility you can conduct your financial transactions at your own time, location and convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Bank alfalah report
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Annual Report - Bank Alfalah