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Also the economic factors should be consider by Vona management, since it has been related to the accident and ill-health and both of them costed money, because when the accident occurs there will be direct and indirect costs associated with the events, these costs affected on the production performance, reputation, compensation and to the total profit of the Vona company.

Working practices There were evidences of lack of safety awareness of the staff. I- Immediately place safety guard to 30 mins entanglement, drawing-in, its position. Here, you will need to convince a busy manager of the need to read your full report and, crucially, act on your recommendations.

Executive Summary Firstly I am pleased to report that the level of general housekeeping meets a satisfactory level. Identification of possible breaches of international standards 0 to 5 marks In the real work situation, you would consult reference books when preparing reports.

Working Environment Air, Pollution, Noise and Vibration and Recommendation R which enforce employer to either control noise at workplace or protect workers from its harmful effects. Keep in mind the areas that the examiner is going to be looking at when marking your report: L- Provide slip resistant epoxy 1 month coating at ramp and monitor effectiveness.

There is no fire protection against burn flying objects and fire extinguisher around that area. It is recommended to implement the proposed recommendation as per the mentioned timelines to avoid the worst consequences. Executive Summary Firstly I am pleased to report that the level of general housekeeping meets a satisfactory level.

This cost is quite considerable in comparison to the cost to company would bear in term of fines, medical treatment and loss of business in term of bad market reputation. L- Provide training on effective use of emergency shower and eye wash. Should be controlled through provide appropriate and adequate training and instructions.

Administrator is also at fault by not carrying out workplace inspections or ignoring clear breaches of health and safety legislation. You should think about what is needed to immediately control the risk from each of your hazards AND identify the need for longer-term actions.

Employees are at high risk of lung diseases from cement dust around the concrete mixer. Observation Range of issues identified 0 to 5 marks You are expected to identify physical hazards such as unsafe machinery, examples of chemical, fire, ergonomic and health hazards and you should also consider if there are any welfare and environmental problems.

Workers have been exposed to hot weather and working for long time without adequate breaks provided leading to faint, dehydration and hyperthermia. If you've studied your course notes thoroughly, you should be aware of lots of other such examples.

Consideration of cost implications 0 to 5 marks You are not expected either to know or to estimate the actual costs but should demonstrate that you are aware of cost implications.

Priority Give priority for the recommendations like high, medium or low. Introduction- 5 Marks Provide an overview of the workplace. The report should be written in such terms that a manager would be able to take reasonable action based on facts.

On-going 5 Overreaching of machine I- Prohibit activity until provision of 1 day operator to feed raw material in safe working platform and ensure job the hopper of sachet machine rotation.

If any fire was to ignite in this office, the workforce and clients would be in serious danger of burns and possible fumes from burning items. Continue the good practice. The load which worker were dealing is excessive to the safe load limit as specified in the Pakistan Factories Act, and it is against the ILO regulations C However, there are number of HSE risks identified during the inspection which need serious consideration of the management.

While the process you have to work through is straightforward, in order to succeed you need to understand what NEBOSH expect. Next, you need to turn your attention to any hazards in the area.

An indication of the number of staff working in the area will be helpful, too. It must give management sufficient information to allow them to take reasonable action based on the facts you have presented to them and, crucially, persuade them of the need to take that action.

L- Develop SOP for safe dispensing 1 month of solvents and provide information, instructions and training to relevant workers. It is tempting to treat everything as requiring immediate action, but NEBOSH want to see that you can realistically identify what is of the highest risk and prioritise your actions accordingly, so you have to think carefully before making your decisions.

Many of the candidates prepare their observations well, but accidentally they failed to concentrate on other areas of the report like main findings, executive summary, legal breaches,etc.

Remember observations only hold 30 Marks, with that you could not pass so. inspection 03/03/ REPORT ON RISK ASSEMENT MADE AT CONSTRUCTION SITE OF MANZIL CONSTRUCTION INTRODUCTION:This is a precise report on risk assessments carried out in a building construction site of KARKON construction at KDA road, Karak (kpk) The inspection was made on 03 march to assess the risk and hazards arising daring various.

Nebosh Igc3 Report - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. This is report on IGC3 WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM/5(27).

how to pass nebosh igc3 It is useless to prepare a report without knowledge of the formal expectations from the examiners. So get a look in to the nebosh marking procedure in GC3.

INTERNATIONAL GENERAL CERTIFICATE ( specification) Candidate report template UNIT IGC3 – THE HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICAITON Student number Location:_____ Date of review. Computer work station: Working on computer without screen protector.

The report should be concise, readable and highly selective in terms of action required by management.

Filing a Complaint with the IC3

Candidates should include balanced arguments on why action is needed and explain the effect it would have on the standards of health and safety at the workplace and .

Igc3 report
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