Internship report on finance department of oil and gas company

Hence, I can sum up by saying that my internship experience was a milestone to my academic and professional experience.

Finance Officer

Each trainee is required to provide three trainings to their subordinates of their department within a month in order to get the certificate of completion of "Train The Trainer" program. SPPS is the best possible program for the employees who wish to buy any product listed by two dealers on an annual installment basis.

The files were documented depending on month and they occur and this aims at easy reference for accountability and better planning of the organization and most importantly for future references and accountability for various departments in the company.

The company started operating as a small gas station with time the business expanded and went ahead to open up a branch still in Nalukolongo at the market to simply its activities when customers increased.

finance development program internships

The Medical Insurance Data Sheet is the record which contains all the information required by the Finance Department to re-check the document. In this scheme, employees with at least a complete year of tenure could purchase any products listed by the two dealers in an annual installment basis.

Pay attention to guests to see what they need.

51 Finance Project Topics for MBA Internships - Summer, Winter, or Virtual

Supervise and review all payments and transfers made to and from the Company Accounts Maintain banking relationships and negotiate loans and merchant services for business units Analyze transactional processes and identify areas where additional accuracies and Treasury Job Requirements Relevant university Degree in Accounting.

As a new graduate, you will participate in formal training and development programs designed to take your career to the next level. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do the internship program in such a well staffed organization.

Look at the guests when you talk with them. To make academic work more meaningful for the student through observing the practical application of principles and the exchanging of information with practitioners.

Lawrence University SLAU especially the faculty of Business and Management studies for putting in place such training programs that enable students to build confidence, ability, and potential in their courses since they are enabled to practically demonstrate theory learnt from class into practice.

Limited time The internee was given a lot of work in a short time given and the internee could not be able to complete the work assigned to. Office management The internee was involved in management of the office especially its equipments like computers, chairs, tables and mostly its arrangement to facilitate its activities and the hygiene and cleanness part of it.

Radisson Hotels is named after Pierre Esprit Radisson. The Company deals with pride grooms where they come for weaving and braiding and hair cutting.

Assessed Internships

The two dealers were Triveni Trade Pvt. Pedicure and Manicure clinic Body treatment, Massaging v. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that came along every single day.

It gave me an important exposure and an insider look of such a big organization. Under Performance of Oil and Gas fields means limited market share Opportunities 1. And I felt that the HR department of Radisson hotel very much needed an atmosphere where they could have good communication with each other without being scrutinized.

For instance, if a guest asks where he or she can find a newspaper, offer to bring one to the guest. We are enablers that support people in reaching their full potential by giving managers and employees the tools to develop and succeed in their roles.

The above mentioned reasons account for involvement in the internship training. It added more confidence to my professional approach, built a stronger positive attitude and taught me how to work in team as a player.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Oct 09,  · Internship Report At: Agility Logistics Automotive Chemical Consumer Goods Defense & Government sector Industrial Oil & Gas Pharma & life Sciences Retail Technology 8.

it is currently operational in more than countries having more than resident offices. all following the core features of Logistics services as well as.

Range Resources Corporation is a leading independent natural gas company operating in the US through subsidiaries in the Southwest and Appalachia regions. Feb 01,  · Right now Oil & Gas companies are in a unique situation- rising extraction costs, decreasing commodity price.

I would focus on a project that helps companies deal with those two issues. Since you probably can't do much on the commodity price side I would focus on cost cutting ideas. OGDCL is the national oil & gas company of Pakistan and the flagship of the country’s E&P sector.

The Company is the local market leader in terms of reserves, production and acreage, and is listed on Pakistan stock exchange and also on the London Stock Exchange since December Summer internships If you are considering a career in the energy industry why not apply online for a Summer Internship?

Working alongside experienced research analysts and consultants, you can gain first-hand experience of what it’s like to work in a commercial research environment.

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Internship report on finance department of oil and gas company
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Finance Officer at an Indigenous Oil and Gas Servicing Company May,